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"Adam is a one-man media team and has been a huge asset in building a channel with over 200k subs, tens of millions of views and high levels of customer conversions. He's been our 'Head of Video' since 2018, and since joining our team, the production quality, frequency of our content and audience base has massively increased. Going well beyond just completing tasks, Adam is extremely proactive, constantly researching new video trends and understanding what boosts content in the algorithms. He has collaborated creatively with me as a videographer and with content ideas for all videos and online product launches, keeping calm and professional under high-intensity projects."

The Natural lifestyles


“Adam is literally one of the BEST video editors I’ve ever worked with. I actually found HIM, and asked him if he could produce, shoot and edit content for my channel that looked like the incredible content that was already on his channel. If I had the funds I would literally hire him full-time. He’s crazy talented, has great turnaround times, and is VERY professional.“


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Who Am I?

Wow, you made it all the way down here?! You're the best! 🔥I began working as a Videographer in 2014, initially filming Music Videos for upcoming and established musicians. In 2017, I started working as a video editor for my first YouTube client before quickly becoming their head of video.
This channel now has over 260k Subscribers.
Currently, I help other YouTube channels improve the quality of their videos and offer close collaboration for YouTubers looking to have not only an editor but a creative 'partner in crime', assisting in the planning of ideas/concepts for future videos, amongst all the other aspects that go into growing and sustaining a successful channel.Let me help get your channel to the next level!